Engineering, Process & Fixture Design


Competitive Pricing Through Productivity

Anderson Machining Service, Inc. is committed to "The Goal" of throughput manufacturing. This proven method for enhancing productivity saves production time and assures consistent quality. As in all just in time manufacturing, thorough planning is completed up front. All operations are coordinated to produce a completed part and product is ready to be shipped as close as possible to when the costs of manufacturing are incurred.

The shop floor is arranged so that all operations, of a given part, can be manufactured simultaneously. Multiple pallets on Machining Centers allow several different set ups to be run at one time, producing a completed part in each cycle. Machining Centers continue to cut on one pallet while the operator changes parts at stations that service several machining centers. Machining in this manner allows us to see flaws in the process more quickly and correct them before they become costly. It also decreases the amount of time the machine sits idle.

Lathes (Turning Centers) are situated in work cells allowing one operator to run multiple machines using automated loaded capabilities. This allows continuity of inspection and also eliminates queuing time and it's related inventory costs.


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